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“I think everyone should at least have 1 session with Amy, not only for themselves but for their children.” – Jamie


“Took the FPU course with Amy at work and since doing it it has given us so much more freedom with our money. Amy explained to us how to and why telling our money where to go works. We now are on our way to paying off the first credit card, we now save for anything we want or repairs.  This has allowed us to already have the christmas fund funded so no surprises there. The biggest plus is my wife and I actually have money in our pockets now.  I highly recommend to anyone to take the class with Amy as she has lived threw this and offers insights into what works best.” – Thomas

I’m so appreciative to you and blessed to have met you. We are slowly digging ourselves out; you’ve been so helpful!  Our next step is going to be mutual funds and such!  I’m so excited and we will be teaching our daughter. I wish someone had taught me years ago!” – Stephanie