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Help! What to Do with All This Extra Cash?

$438!!! What would you do if someone dropped $438 in your lap today? That’s my current dilemma. What to do, what to do with all this extra cash?

Wondering whom my benevolent money-dropping angel is? It’s my independent insurance agent. Seriously! Let me explain.

I recently received notices for renewing our six-month car insurance policy for our three vehicles and our annual umbrella liability policy. I hate opening these notices.   I mean, come on, you know the rates are never going to be lower than last time. It’s just a matter of how much did they go up.   And this time the increase was over $300 for the two policies. Ugh.

So, I called my insurance agent and asked if she could shop around with other insurance companies to see if we could get lower rates. Not only did she shop around, after carefully reviewing our information, she found and cleared up an erroneous accident report. The end result is we’ve changed insurance companies for both policies and saved $438. And the coverages are the same or better!

So, moral of the story? Use an independent insurance agent! It’s a no-brainer…

They save you time and effort.

They are better at it than you are.

They can provide expert advice.

They have more bargaining power than you.

All this leads to saving you money. I know it seems easier and cheaper nowadays to research and buy things online, but that’s just not the case with insurance.  Find an independent agent with the heart of a teacher.

Hmm, now what to do with all that extra money? Have any ideas for me? What would you do with it?

Looking for more ways to save money?  Let’s sit down and take a look at your monthly budget.  Contact me today!


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  1. So glad we could save you money!!! Feel free to contact me Kim Godwin @ the Silverman Ins Agency for the same type of review we did for Amy..
    Thanks for giving Independent agents the plug!!