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Book Review: Keep the Happy in Your Holidays


Hi y’all! Now that Thanksgiving is over, I’m sure you’re busy getting ready for Christmas. So I won’t take up too much up your time.  But, let me take a moment to tell you about a neat little e-book. It’s called Keep the Happy in Your Holidays: 21 Ways to Save Time, Money, and Your Sanity This Christmas Season.  Written by the Queen of Free, Cherie Lowe, it provides a fantastic blend of practical tips and inspiration to get through the hectic, stressful Christmas season.

Ms. Lowe knows firsthand how stressful Christmas time can be while living under the weight of debt. Her family paid off $127,482.30 of debt in four years.  Wow!  She shares money saving strategies she used while getting out of debt – everything from Black Friday tactics to cutting costs for wrapping paper, traveling and the holiday feast.

She stresses the importance of a debt-free Christmas. Sound familiar? I wrote about this recently too! And she talks about budgeting – one of my favorite topics. Told you it was a neat book.  🙂

She also imparts inspirational ways to find contentment and have an attitude of gratitude when we are tempted at every turn by materialistic desires during this joyous season.

I encourage you to check out this very reasonably priced e-book – it’s only $1.99! If this Christmas season is already too hectic to find time to read it, it’ll make a great read for January. It even has some tips for what to do right after Christmas to prepare for the next year.

I’ll leave you with this quote from the book.  It stopped me in my tracks.

“The enemy of our souls knows full well that during the season when we celebrate Jesus’ birth, our hearts will be more receptive to worshipping the God of the universe than at just about any other time of the year. He couldn’t prevent Jesus from coming to earth or our annual tradition of remembering that arrival, so instead he tries to get us to distort the gift-giving tradition into an experience of bowing before electronic toys, clothes and gift cards. As a result, we are all tempted to pursue man-made rituals and traditions and to lose sight of the real meaning of Christmas.”

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